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American Virtual Associates

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American Virtual Associates over the last five years has expanded into one of the leading virtual assistant firms throughout New England, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Our professional virtual assistant services have been utilized by businesses on occasion, part-time, full-time and we often cover for vacations, extend leaves of absences or in the case of a new business getting their doors open on time. The small business man to the Fortune 500 company have had amazing benefits and increasing growth as a direct result of the services provided to them by our Virtual Assistants and Virtual Associates.

The benefits of today’s technology allow American Virtual Associates to deliver our services as well as keeping communication between our clients in a real time fashion.

Our virtual assistants and associates core practice consists of administrative or clerical tasks. However, we have expanded to include virtual assistants in specialties that fall under various categories, such as social media marketing, website development or maintenance, creative and technical services.

In addition, American Virtual VA’s have target niches, and those include coaching, attorneys, alternative health coaches, solo-entrepreneurs, writers, interior designers, e-commerce businesses, ebay entrepreneurs, personal assistants, travel agents and more… 




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