Future of Russia in XXI Century

Future of Russia in XXI Century

Destiny of Russia in XXI Century. The state is transformed into a democracy or Anarchy?

A thorny furrow of Russia in XXI Century. The state turn into a democracy or oligarchy? Fantastic blog of Lensoviet members about the political structure of Russia. In 2012 The numerous fighters for justice demand change in the government, state and the country. Government circles offer options of government: Despotism, Oligarchy, Anarchy, Democracy or Monarchy. A blog you look at the opinions of MPs and experienced politicians. Special interest is the page of Sergey Egorov – Humanist Manifesto, where discussed basis of philosophical doctrines – humanity. Opponents of humanity realize its goals more clearly, to resist the movement of humanity is much more consciously. They impede the movement struggles. A power until they have a lot. This complicates and slows the movement of all mankind for humanity. And thoughts of other Russian authors. For example, Correct protocol and correct copy. According to the site – derjivora.org – December 4, 2011 over a third of the protocols have been rewritten after a copy of the correct calculation of distributed observers. Why this confidence? Why is the chairman of easily distributing official documents, and then void sumnyashesya their fakes? A lot of reasons, and one of them is this: only 3-4% of the given observer copies furnished by all the rules. 



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